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The project addresses the conditions in which the process of transition to a sustainable energy system can also drive the transformation of existing (often declining) industries, focusing on the construction of a new system around marine renewable energy technologies and its contribution to the development of a Sea Economy in Portugal.


The research addresses the process of development of new sustainable energy systems, focusing on the interaction between the emerging technologies and adjacent industries that can offer complementary competences. It investigates the process of (re)combination of new and existing knowledge that takes place along the creation of a new value chain and that can bring about industrial transformation. The implications of these processes for regional development are equally examined.


Artigo premiado pela Revista Finisterra


O artigo "Efeitos sectoriais e territoriais da experimentação em fases iniciais de inovações energéticas: Lições de 20 anos de...



A delegation from the OceanTrans project met with Professor Bernhard Truffer, expert in socio-technical transitions, geography of...

Blue Economy is discussed in St Petersburg


The researcher of the Oceantrans project, Cristina Sousa, presented in the last week of October 2019 results of the research of her...

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