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sá-marques, teresa

Teresa Sá Marques, geographer, PhD in human geography, Associate Professor at the Department of Geography of the University of Porto, and researcher at the Geography and Spatial Planning Research Centre (CEGOT). She develops fundamental and applied research in several areas, in particular: land management and spatial planning; geography of economic innovation; geography and urban policies. She has coordinated several projects and plans and is the author and co-author of several scientific articles and books. She has developed various research projects as a coordinator, namely “Urban Polycentrism, Knowledge and Innovation Dynamics” (FCT, 2013), “B2B4I - Bench-Bedside, Bedside-Bench Innovation Interactions: geographic multilevel networks approach focused in the hospitals role” (FCT, ongoing project), “The financialization of the housing market in Porto and Lisbon (PT)” (Joint Research Centre, European Commission, ongoing project). She has also been a member of research teams, in particular, “OCEANTRANS - The transformative potential of ocean energy technologies” (ongoing FCT project). In the area of ​​applied research projects, in recent years, particularly noteworthy are the coordination of the “Review of the National Spatial Planning Policy Programme” (PNPOT) for the Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation (2018), and the “Characterization of the National Territory in the Iberian and European context”, for the Assembly of the Republic (Portuguese Parliament) – Independent Commission for Decentralisation (2019).

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